Peace Girls Take Initiative to Volunteer

Central to the core vision of Peace Sisters are the tenets of hard work and paying forward our good fortune. Our founder, Tina Kampor, started assisting with the school fees of less fortunate girls in Togo because she recognized how her life was transformed when others provided her with the opportunity to work hard in order to achieve tangible results. She never forgot the help she received along the way and she frequently reminds our girls that it is their responsibility to keep sight of their good fortune and to take every opportunity to share their gifts with their community.

Over the summer break, Peace Sisters had already begun discussing the possibility of requiring a volunteer service component for the girls participating in our program when a group of our girls spontaneously decided to initiate their own day of service. On June 6th, several girls gathered at the Hospital of Dapaong and spent a day cleaning the grounds in order to improve the patients’ conditions. This event was so successful that another volunteering event was later carried out on October 12th at the City Hall building.

The Peace Sisters Board was thrilled to receive this unexpected news and we are so proud of the initiative our girls decided to take on their own. We plan to build off the example these students made, and we hope that most of our students will begin implementing their own service projects by the end of this school year.

Lara Eldredge Schott